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About Us

Formed in 1991 by the original founders of Starbucks Coffee, Quartermaine Coffee Roasters makes its home in Rockville, Maryland. Committed to providing its customers with fresh, flavorful, locally roasted coffee, Quartermaine has long since established itself as the favorite specialty coffee roaster in the Washington, DC area. Quartermaine is owned and operated by Carolyn Weinberg, CEO and President.

To ensure its supply of great tasting coffee, Quartermaine's owners maintain close relationships with specialty coffee farms and estates throughout the world’s growing regions. Carolyn and Steve Brown, Quartermaine's Coffee Specialist, make regular buying and tasting trips to various countries to personally select Quartermaine’s top grade arabica coffees.

Once selected, the green beans are imported to Quartermaine’s East Coast roasting facility in Rockville, where they are individually craft roasted to a deep, chestnut brown. This “Signature” roast color serves to maximize each coffee’s flavor, body, and acidity (the three pillars of great tasting coffee) into a delicious drinking experience.

In addition to supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and food service distributors up and down the East Coast, Quartermaine also sells its coffee online at www.quartermaine.com, via mail order at (800) 245-6563 x2, in specialty grocery and gourmet food stores, through office and restaurant accounts in the Mid-Atlantic, and one local company-owned store in Bethesda, Maryland.

For more information about Quartermaine's fresh, roast-dated coffee, email support@quartermaine.com or call (800) 245-6563 x2.