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Our Roasting Plant

Coffee roasters and buyers are opinionated people, each believing there is one "right" way to roast coffee. Some roast light, some medium and some dark. Who's right? As gourmet coffee roasters, we think the proof is in the cup. At Quartermaine Coffee Roasters, we come from a long line of dark roast disciples, believing that the full flavor of our dark Signature Roast best compliments the body and acidity of our high-quality Arabica coffees.

We also recognize that lighter roasted coffee is something of a tradition in the Eastern United States. Quartermaine's trademark Aromatica Roast is distinctly lighter than our deep, Signature Roast. This lighter roasting style showcases the aroma, body and acidity of some of our best coffees: Guatemala, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea. We also blend them together to create our Aromatica Blend, a blend of lighter Aromatica Roast and deep Signature roast coffees. Because we take such great care in selecting coffee, we even visit producing areas.

Quartermaine's Pillars of Coffee Brewing Wisdom

  1. Start with your favorite freshly roasted coffee beans. 
  2. Use filtered or bottled water for the best coffee flavor. Water makes up 99% of a cup of coffee. Don't use distilled water because distilled water has much less oxygen in it. Oxygen in the water helps give your coffee life (just like carbonation does with club soda). 
  3. Use enough coffee! We recommend using two (2) level measuring tablespoons of ground coffee for every five (5) ounces of hot water.
  4. Check your grind. Drip coffee makes should take between four and five minutes to drip through, and press pots should be easy to plunge. 
  5. Freshly brewed coffee tastes best, so only make as much as you can drink in twenty minutes. After that, the flavor deteriorates rapidly. 
  6. Don't reheat , as old coffee never tastes good. Brew a fresh pot.